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A 6-Hour Round Trip Gamble
A magnificent sunset over Death Valley National Park's Badwater Basin.

A 6-Hour Round Trip Gamble

The Story Behind "Badwater Sunset" Predicting how much color will be in a particular sunrise or sunset is tricky at the best of times. Even with the help of various…

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Amargosa Blues (Always Look Behind You)
Varying shades of blue formed by distant mountains, the rising sun, haze and dust near Death Valley National Park.

Amargosa Blues (Always Look Behind You)

"Always Look Behind You" is advice many advanced photographers give to those just starting out. This is the story of why that's a good idea.

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Desert Five Spot

In Spring of 2005, an historic wildflower bloom was experienced in Death Valley National Park due to approximately 6 inches of rain [...]

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Favorite Image of 2013

So I got to thinking this morning: out of the roughly 8000 images taken in 2013, which one would I have to say is my favorite? (Since this is my…

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