Stephen Girimont

Stephen Girimont

Owner, The Intimate Landscape, Fine Art Prints


A soft, quiet evening on the coast

A calm sea, pastel skies, and cotton clouds. This image was taken during a recent trip to the ocean. I was attracted to the color in the sky; blue-green descending to a very subtle, light orange. The air was very calm, the clouds were just hanging there in the sky, not really moving much at all. This is a collage of three vertical images taken with an Olympus Pen F digital camera and an Olympus 45mm f/1.8 lens. Each exposure was 1/200th of a second at f/8 at ISO 200. There aren’t any hard edges in this scene and the colors and tones are so subtle, neither Photoshop nor Lightroom were able to assemble the collage and I had to do this one manually.

Want to see this image on your wall? All my work is for sale in either unsigned, open editions or by contacting me for signed, limited editions.

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