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The Next Chamber

The Next Chamber
The next chamber in Antelope Canyon is full of light.

Showing off another image from my recent trip to Northern Arizona, if you wouldn’t mind. I shot a lot of “keepers” on this trip, and I’m quite proud of them.

Upper Antelope Canyon is roughly shaped like an inverted ‘V’, with the top being narrow, and the bottom being wide. Lower Antelope Canyon is the reverse; very narrow at the bottom and wide at the top, in general. This image, while taken in Upper Antelope, makes me think more of Lower Antelope, with its tight confines and twisty path, yet this was, indeed, taken in Upper Antelope.

This image is pretty much straight out of the camera, with very little done in the way of adjustments (just some work in the shadows to bring up a hint of light on the sandstone walls). While shooting the scene, I was thinking of the famous “Teardrop Arch” in Monument Valley and the many images I’ve seen, having not yet had the pleasure of being there myself.

I love the light and form in this image. From the subtle hints of light in the shadowed walls in the foreground, to the dark gap between the walls in the background, duplicating the gap in the walls that creates the foreground and the way the middle chamber is just so full of light when chambers before and after are obviously not.

Taken with the Fuji GFX 50S and the Fuji 63mm f/2.8. The exposure was 0.6 seconds @ f/26, ISO 400.

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