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Way More Trouble than it Looks
Flash floods deposited this pile of rocks along a wall in Waterholes Canyon in Northern Arizona.

Way More Trouble than it Looks

The story behind "Rock Pile" This simple scene was surprisingly complicated to photograph. It's a pile of rocks in one of the lesser-known slot canyons in Northern Arizona called Waterholes…

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Photography with Intent
Walking through the scene during a 10 second exposure, a person leaves behind only footprints, but even those will soon be gone.

Photography with Intent

The Story Behind the Image Impermanence Every summer, my family likes to spend a week or so at a beach somewhere. We try to mix things up and not go…

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The Clouds Below
A 2-minute exposure of beach surf from a high vantage point creates a cirrus cloud effect where the waves break upon the shore.

The Clouds Below

One of my favorite photography-related quotes is credited to Minor White: "One should not only photograph things for what they are but for what else they are." [...]

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Beach After Storm
A 20-second exposure of a scene on a beach after an early summer storm.

Beach After Storm

On a recent family trip to the coast, we encountered fairly stormy conditions in the evenings [...]

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Sand Trap

On a recent trip out west to Northern Arizona, I was hiking through a slot canyon called Waterholes Canyon near Page, Arizona [...]

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Want to see this image on your wall? All my work is for sale in either unsigned, open editions or by contacting me for signed, limited editions. Normally, I'm not…

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Favorite Image of 2013

So I got to thinking this morning: out of the roughly 8000 images taken in 2013, which one would I have to say is my favorite? (Since this is my…

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