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Ghostly Morning

The advent of Digital Photography introduced many changes for photographers, but I would have to say that the greatest alteration in my personal approach to the art was in the retention of “rejects.” Disk space is much […]

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White Above and Below

An early-season snow storm struck parts of the East Coast last weekend and I was determined to capitalize on the phenomenon. Since the snow wasn’t projected to come anywhere near the Richmond, VA area, a […]

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Misty Morning

This is the kind of morning on the James River I always want and so rarely ever get: just the right amount of mist rising off the river, the water low enough to expose rocks […]

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Luck favors the prepared

Sometimes, you do get lucky… I was at the river on the morning of the 28th, not expecting much in the way of landscape images as the river was high from all the recent rain. […]

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