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Rushing Waters at Sunrise

Rushing Waters at Sunrise
Fast-flowing water on the James River at sunrise.

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I have to give my wife credit for the inspiration behind this image. When she saw yesterday’s image of the Great Blue Heron, she told me I should go back to the river and just shoot the water in the rapids. (Not as a critique – she loved the Heron image!)

So, this morning, I was back at the river. The trick to shooting flowing water is to learn how to pre-visualize what it’s going to look like after a long exposure and find the composition. What looks interesting to the eye at normal speed may not be so interesting in an exposure of several seconds, and what looks boring to the eye can look extremely interesting. Experimentation and patience is required. As the sun rose, the way the light interacted with the current changed and created new opportunities that morphed from moment to moment.

This image was taken with a Nikon D800 and a 80-400mm lens. The exposure was 0.8 seconds @ f/40 and an ISO of 64. A polarizing filter was on the lens to act as a neutral density filter, allowing an exposure that was 2-stops longer than it would have been without the filter.

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