Bench Swing and Fog

Bench Swing and Fog

“Bench Swing and Fog” – A bench swing sits under some trees on a foggy morning in mid-Autumn

Autumn doesn’t just bring color to the leaves on the trees and bushes. Cool mornings and high humidity in the East means a greater chance for fog than most any other time of the year. On this particular morning, however, the forecast was actually for low humidity and high clouds at sunrise, so I was expecting a colorful sunrise, not fog. Imagine my surprise.

I had intended to capture the colorful sunrise reflected in the waters of the gently-flowing Potomac river, but that obviously wasn’t going to happen. Guessing that the fog, which was quite thick before sunrise, would start to lift and thin out shortly after sunrise, I starting planning out some compositions with a series of swinging benches in a park near my home.

When the fog did begin to lift and thin out, the resulting light on the trees behind the benches was just amazing, and I knew I had my subject. The light and the character of the fog changed every few minutes. It was a very magical morning.

Variations on the composition:

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