Stephen Girimont

Stephen Girimont

Owner, The Intimate Landscape, Fine Art Prints

Sunset Observance

Sunset Observance
Two Herons face the sunset on the James River

Lately, I’ve been enjoying evenings and mornings on the James River, photographing the many Herons that are visiting. We have a rookery on an island in the river right at the downtown area that grows every year. Many of the Herons are very territorial and won’t stand for another Heron to be anywhere within site without initiating a fight to chase the other away. However, they seem to be in the minority; these two certainly didn’t mind being near each other. Perhaps they are mating pairs or one is a parent of the other?

Edit: In July, I came to my senses and changed the name of this image from “Paired Up” to “Sunset Observance”.

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