Stephen Girimont

Stephen Girimont

Owner, The Intimate Landscape, Fine Art Prints

Montana Sunrise

Montana Sunrise
Sunrise lights up the clouds on the edge of a storm system in southern Montana

On my way to photograph Glacier National Park, I came across this beautiful sunrise scene along I-90 in southern Montana. This image was created by stitching together four vertical images that were shot with the Fuji X100s digital camera. It’s the fist time I’ve used this camera to create a stitch like this, but I’ve thought about it for a while. This is the first scene I came across that I felt the technique might be useful. With the stitching, the image comes to the equivalent of a single 35-megapixel image.

Overall, my trip to Glacier National Park was a bust: I got sick while there and never really had the chance to explore the area. I’ll have to return one day.

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