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Stephen Girimont

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Luck favors the prepared

Sometimes, you do get lucky…

Small flock of geese flying past a small patch of mist in the James River

I was at the river on the morning of the 28th, not expecting much in the way of landscape images as the river was high from all the recent rain. This would also keep the mist and fog away, so I assumed, as fast-moving water isn’t really all that conducive to those conditions. However, much to my surprise, as the sun came up, the low angle of light revealed the barest hint of mist coming off the far side of the river.

I waited patiently to see if a flock of geese or ducks would fly by low enough on the river to be captured against this back-lit mist. The first couple of flocks flew by too high, but my patience paid off when this group of six Canada Geese flew by at just the right height.

It’s not the best picture – I’m not too fond of the grouping of the geese – but I find it interesting that two of the geese in the middle were flying so close together that the wing of the one on the right is hitting the back of the one on the left. Don’t know if I’ve ever noticed that before.

This image was taken with a Nikon D800 and the 3rd generation Nikkor 80-400 zoom lens. The exposure was 1/800 @ f/5.6 at ISO 400. Taken just before 9:00 AM, I had been waiting about an hour for this scene to develop. Luck sometimes favors the prepared.


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