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Killing Frost

Killing Frost
A killing frost on leaves of a plant near the James River in early December

Every so often, I like to go through images I’ve taken in the past and see if there are any that catch my eye that I may not have considered as “keepers” when i first edited them. (I don’t delete my digital images – hard disk space is cheap!)

This particular image was shot on December 1st, 2013 during a particularly chilly morning along the banks of the James River. I like the “circle of life” juxtaposition of the frost on obviously dying leaves while the buds that will be next spring’s growth are seen along the stem.

I walked along a long stretch of these plants trying to find just the right composition; one that isolated the plant against the background and that didn’t have too many distracting tones in the background.

Taken with a Nikon D800 using a Nikkor 80-400 zoom lens. 1/125th sec @ f/8.0 and ISO 400.

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