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Ice-Bound Abstracts

Ice-Bound Abstracts

Even though I moved to Leesburg, Virginia a little over 2 years ago, there are still many interesting places I have yet to explore. Recently, during a particularly brutal stretch of cold weather, I explored an area called Kephart Bridge Landing, which is a part of Elizabeth Mills Riverfront Park.

Kephart Bridge Landing has a trail that runs along Goose Creek just before it flows into the Potomac River. There are tall banks along either side of the creek, lined with Sycamore and other types of trees and during winter mornings, the sun illuminates the northwest banks of the creek while the southeast side is still in shade.

Ice-Bound Abstract 2
The second of three images in this series of distorted reflections captured in an ice pool

Along the edges of the creek lay areas of pooled water and it was one such pool that I discovered covered in a thin layer of ice full of ridges and ripples that rendered extremely interesting abstract shapes of the reflected trees along the opposite bank.

I spent a good amount of time moving my camera around the edges of the pool, capturing different abstracts of the reflected trees. Just a slight change in position would completely change the appearance of the reflections.

The sound of the ice cracking from time to time while photographing will forever be associated in my mind with viewing the resulting images. If you’ve ever heard thin ice crack on a body of water, you’ll know what I mean. It’s as crisp and odd a sound as you’ll ever hear.

Ice-Bound Abstract 3
The third image in this series of distorted reflections captured in an ice pool

All three images were captured using a Fuji GFX digital camera and the Fuji GF 120mm lens. Exposures were 1.5 seconds each @ f/32, ISO 100.

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