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CSX A-Line Bridge Over the James River

CSX A-Line Bridge
The CSX A-Line Railway Bridge crosses over the James River near Richmond, Virginia

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I took advantage of a recent trip down to Richmond to meet up with a friend and go photograph the CSX A-Line Bridge that crosses the James River near Maymont Park. As is common this time of year, the clouds in the late afternoon, which held such promise of a brilliant sunset, were all but gone by the time the sun actually approached the horizon. Undeterred, we enjoyed watching several trains cross the bridge as well as a drone pilot capture one such crossing as only an airborne camera platform can.

Oh, and I captured this image, of course. It’s an 8-image collage (2 rows of 4 vertical images each) taken with a Nikon D810 and a Sigma 50mm f/1.4 Art lens. The exposure was 1/40th sec. @ f/11, ISO 64.

The collage was assembled using Adobe Lightroom’s Panorama Photo Merge, but the image had an issue with the portion of the bridge on the right side of the image sloping downward a bit (it’s possible I didn’t have the camera positioned quite right on the tripod for a flawless merge). I salvaged the image, however, by bringing it into Photoshop and using the Warp Transform tool to bring the right side of the bridge back into perspective alignment.

The result is a 103 megapixel image with enough detail to see every crack and graffiti tag on the bridge.

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