Stephen Girimont

Stephen Girimont

Owner, The Intimate Landscape, Fine Art Prints

Check Out Sedona Taphouse!

Sedona Taphouse is a restaurant in Virginia currently with two locations: Midlothian and Charlottesville. They offer excellent food and have a selection of over 500 beers. They also now feature my photography on their walls!

A big shout-out goes to Carolyn Schallmo, a fellow artist at Art Works Galleries and Studios, who knew the owner and got the two of us together. Their southwest theme and my photography were meant to go together. The timing could not have been better as they were in the final stages of preparing the Charlottesville location to open, so I was able to supply the artwork for that opening. The following weekend, my wife and I put my work up at their Midlothian location, shown below.


So, if you love fine food and large beer selections (or wine! they sell wine too!) and great southwest landscape photography, make plans to stop in! Be sure to let me know what you think of the work by using the Contact form at the link above.




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