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A Personal Printing Journey
Just some of the many tests I run all the time

A Personal Printing Journey

A brief history of photographic printing in the modern era and my journey through it. I have boxes and boxes of prints of my images and I print dozens of…

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Who Am I?
Portrait of the Artist as a Cold Man. Photograph by Trey Amick.

Who Am I?

Hi, I'm Steve Currently, there are several thousand people following me on social media and subscribed to my newsletter with both groups continuing to grow at a blistering pace. Compared…

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Photography with Intent
Walking through the scene during a 10 second exposure, a person leaves behind only footprints, but even those will soon be gone.

Photography with Intent

The Story Behind the Image Impermanence Every summer, my family likes to spend a week or so at a beach somewhere. We try to mix things up and not go…

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“What camera do you use?”

"All of them." This conversation happens a lot in my gallery. Folks come in, get awestruck by the work on the walls and in the bins, and start inquiring about…

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