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Progress is beginning to intrude at one of my favorite photography locations […]

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A Very Troublesome Image

This image drives me crazy. I want to love it and I want to hate it in equal measure. I love the S-Curve […]

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Ghostly Morning

The advent of Digital Photography introduced many changes for photographers, but I would have to say that the greatest alteration in my personal approach to the art was in the retention of “rejects.” Disk space is much […]

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I Know That Place!!!

Every once in a while, I come across an image that doesn’t give any clues as to where it was taken, yet I’m able to identify it because I’ve been there. I get quite a bit of […]

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“What camera do you use?”

“All of them.” This conversation happens a lot in my gallery. Folks come in, get awestruck by the work on the walls and in the bins, and start inquiring about how I produce such images. […]

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