Mountain Lake, Eastern Sierras

Mountain Lake, Eastern Sierra

A frozen lake in the Eastern Sierra Mountains

A lake with a thin layer of ice lies among the Eastern Sierras of California on a chilly fall morning.

This image was made by combining 12 images shot with a Nikon D800 and a Nikkor 24-85mm lens zoomed to 85mm. The technique was used to provide a wide-angle field of view while taking advantage of the medium-telephoto focal length to compress distance and scale the mountains in the background larger than would be possible in a single wide-angle image. This is a technique I’m just beginning to explore and plan to experiment with more in the future. It also happens to produce huge image files with detail for days, making for sharper prints.

Each image was shot at 1/30 second @ f/11, ISO 400. A Really Right Stuff panoramic tripod head was used to ensure the individual images would merge correctly in the final collage.

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