Monthly Archives: November 2015


Pastels and Aspens

Bare Aspen trees give way to bushes holding on to color as winter approaches in the Eastern Sierra mountains of California. Taken with a Nikon D800 using a Nikkor 80-400mm lens. 0.6 seconds at f/11, […]

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Mountain Lake, Eastern Sierras

A lake with a thin layer of ice lies among the Eastern Sierras of California on a chilly fall morning. This image was made by combining 12 images shot with a Nikon D800 and a […]

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White on White

A stark, cold scene in the Eastern Sierras, leafless Aspen trees stand among snow-capped rocks on a mountain side somewhere above Bishop, California. This was a distant scene spotted through a long telephoto lens as […]

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Mountain Cottonwood

A blaze of bright color in an otherwise monochrome rocky landscape, this Cottonwood tree in fall colors is backlit by the setting sun in the Alabama Hills outside of Lone Pine, California. The Alabama Hills […]

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Lichen and Snow

Taken in the Eastern Sierras a few days after a light snowfall, a lichen-covered rock begins appearing from beneath the snow. The vibrant color of the yellowish-green lichen attracted me to this intimate scene. In […]

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Mesquite Dunes Sunset

In the time I was visiting Death Valley National Park, we were graced with some of the most awesome sunset clouds. It would be cloudless blue sky from sunrise until about 2:00 pm, then wispy […]

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Badwater Basin

I recently had the opportunity to return to California’s Death Valley National Park and areas nearby. Just a few weeks earlier, Death Valley had experienced record rains (yes, it rains sometimes in Death Valley) and […]

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