Whytake.net Image of the Day

Not too long ago, I was pointed toward a website with the odd name of whytake.net. This is a social networking kind of website for nature photographers and I must say that I was extremely impressed with the quality of the talent on the site. I thought long and hard about whether I felt my images were good enough to join this group and I only recently took the plunge.

Well, it turns out that my “Paired Up” image (since renamed to “Sunset Observance”) was apparently so popular that just a few days after I uploaded it, it was chosen as Image of the Day on 6/4/2014!

Given the caliber of talent on that¬†site, I’m considering this a major accomplishment. Tickled pink, you might say.

Thank you whytake.net! I’m honored.


Sunset Observance

Two Herons face the sunset on the James River

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