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Desert Five Spot

In Spring of 2005, an historic wildflower bloom was experienced in Death Valley National Park due to approximately 6 inches of rain […]

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I Know That Place!!!

Every once in a while, I come across an image that doesn’t give any clues as to where it was taken, yet I’m able to identify it because I’ve been there. I get quite a bit of […]

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Mesquite Dunes Sunset

In the time I was visiting Death Valley National Park, we were graced with some of the most awesome sunset clouds. It would be cloudless blue sky from sunrise until about 2:00 pm, then wispy […]

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Badwater Basin

I recently had the opportunity to return to California’s Death Valley National Park and areas nearby. Just a few weeks earlier, Death Valley had experienced record rains (yes, it rains sometimes in Death Valley) and […]

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Favorite Image of 2013

So I got to thinking this morning: out of the roughly 8000 images taken in 2013, which one would I have to say is my favorite? (Since this is my blog, I get to have […]

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Aspen Abstract 2.jpg

Eastern Sierra and Death Valley Images

Details to follow, but for now, here are some initial images from my recent trip to the Eastern Sierra and Death Valley areas…

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